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I help brands stay creatively relevant through t-shirt design. Whether it’s a company looking to build culture or a band growing their loyal fan base through merch. I also do logos from time to time. Creating minimal graphics with purpose and making letters look good is what I love to do most.

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Maati Baani gives a funky twist to this traditional folk song from India, no Indian wedding is complete without this song! We thank our collaborators Alaa Wardi, Linsey Pollak and Zaia Kendall whom we have never met but worked on this song together over the internet! LYRICS : Holiya me ude re gulaal, Aayo re mangetar re! Mhaari re mangetar chudla waali, Ghadiya walo re nawab, Aayo re mangetar re! Mhaari re mangetar nathni waali Moocha walo re nawab, Aayo re mangetar re, Maan liyo maine soorat se lagte nawab ji, Dil ke ho kya raaja tum? Do ye jawaab ji! O thaare taano ki jo hain guleliya, Maare dhaayein to uthti phureriyaan Dhaani dhaani chunar thaari udi udi jaaye Ye dil ki riyasat wahin pe lut jaaye Maari re Mangetar
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Apple MacBook Air MJVE2HN/A 13-inch Laptop
Apple MacBook Air MJVE2HN/A 13-inch Laptop INR 65000 INR 63000 Make the most of your day. From startup to sundown Fourth-generation Intel Core processors in MacBook Air give you more time to do more things. Add that to an array of other smart and efficient features, and you have an incredible amount of power in your hands. While carrying next to nothing. Apple Macbook Air Up to 12 hours of battery life Power through your whole day Thanks to compact all-flash storage in MacBook Air, there’s plenty of room for a big battery. Working together with the power-efficient fourth-generation Intel Core architecture, this battery can post some impressive numbers. The 13-inch model gets up to 9 hours of battery life on a single charge. That gives you all-day power for surfing the web or watching iTunes films. Put MacBook Air to sleep for more than 3 hours, and it enters standby mode to conserve battery life for up to 30 days.1 And if you enable Power Nap, you’ll continue to receive new email and calendar invitations while your computer is asleep. Fourth generation Intel Core processor Performance, meet endurance MacBook Air is powered by fourth-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors. This ultra-efficient architecture was designed to use less power and still deliver high performance. Which means not only can you do whatever you want — you can keep doing it for longer than before. In addition, the Intel HD Graphics 6000 processor offers advanced performance you’ll particularly notice with games and other graphics-intensive tasks. Apple Macbook Air Fast all flash storage Ready, Set, Done Part of what makes MacBook Air so responsive is that it’s designed entirely around flash storage. Not only does this make MacBook Air much lighter and more portable than traditional notebooks, it also provides faster access to data. Available in capacities up to 512GB,3 this PCIe-based flash storage is up to 9x faster than a traditional 5400-rpm notebook hard drive.4 So when you flip open MacBook Air, it’s ready to go straightaway. Even after a month in standby mode, the screen springs to life. Thunderbolt and USB 3 Make some powerful connections With the lightning-fast Thunderbolt port, you can connect your MacBook Air to the latest devices and displays, like the Apple Thunderbolt Display. But that’s not the whole story. MacBook Air also comes equipped with two USB 3 ports, so you can connect the latest USB 3 devices and all your USB 2 devices as well. With just a few connections, MacBook Air transforms from an ultra-portable notebook into a complete workstation. Apple Macbook Air LED-backlit display Millions of pixels. Millimetres thin Corner to corner and pixel by pixel, the MacBook Air display is both an engineering feat and a design breakthrough. The display measures a mere 4.86 millimetres thin, yet its resolution makes you feel like you’re looking at a larger screen. The 13-inch MacBook Air features a resolution of 1366x768 pixels. And LED backlighting makes colours bright and vibrant from edge to edge. So whether you’re editing photos, perfecting a presentation or watching a film, you’re going to love what you see. 720p FaceTime HD camera. Stay sharp. Let your friends and family see more of you with the 720p FaceTime HD camera. Every smile looks bright, even halfway round the world. And the widescreen format means everyone can fit into the picture without having to crowd round the display. Apple Macbook Air Dual mics. They’ll hear you loud and clear The dual microphones in MacBook Air are great for when you want to be heard. If you’re making a FaceTime call, for example, the mics reduce background noise from behind the notebook. And when you use Dictation, they create an adaptive audio beam that intelligently adjusts to detect your voice — instead of the noise around you. Multi-Touch Trackpad It goes hand in hand with OS X The Multi-Touch gestures in OS X make everything you do on MacBook Air more intuitive, direct and fun. And the spacious Multi-Touch trackpad is perfectly designed for them, whether it’s a three-finger swipe to activate Mission Control or a four-finger pinch to see all your apps in Launchpad. Gesture responses are smooth and realistic. So when you’re scrolling up and down a web page or swiping from one full-screen app to another, it’s almost like you’re touching what you’re seeing. Apple Macbook Air Backlit keyboard What you see is what you type As incredibly compact as MacBook Air is, it still manages to fit a full-size keyboard that makes typing as natural as it is comfortable. And the keyboard is backlit, so you can type with ease in even the dimmest light. A built-in ambient light sensor detects changes in lighting conditions and adjusts the display and keyboard brightness automatically. From a seat in a sunny café to a seat on an overnight flight, you’ll always have the perfect lighting for any environment. iCloud Your content. On all your devices iCloud stores your content and lets you access your music, photos, calendars, contacts, documents and more from whatever device you’re on. So if you take a picture with your iPhone or make changes to your meeting schedule on your iPad, iCloud makes sure everything appears on your Mac too. And it works both ways — create a to-do list on your Mac and you can make edits to it on your iPhone. It's like having your own team of experts Every new Mac comes with professional advice, award-winning service and support, and a world of online resources. Apple Macbook Air The deeper you look The more beautiful it becomes Of course, MacBook Air is unbelievably thin and light. But we also designed it to be powerful, capable, durable and enjoyable to use. With enough battery life to get you through the day. That’s the difference between a notebook that’s simply thin and light and one that’s so much more. Thin, light, durable Thank you, flash storage Flash storage helps make MacBook Air incredibly thin and light — under 2cm and as little as 1.08kg.1 Flash is also solid state, meaning there are no moving parts. Which makes it reliable, durable and quiet. And it takes up much less space than a traditional hard drive — about 90 per cent less, in fact. That creates room for other important things, like a bigger battery. So you have a notebook that weighs almost nothing and runs all day long. Now that’s mobility mastered. See your QWERTY in lights Anyone can try to make a notebook that’s thin and light. Success comes in doing it without cutting corners. That’s why MacBook Air features a full-size keyboard that’s just as comfortable to type on as a desktop keyboard. And the keyboard is backlit, so you can type in low-light conditions with ease. A built-in sensor detects changes in the ambient lighting and adjusts the keyboard and display brightness automatically, giving you the perfect illumination in any environment. Apple Macbook Air The best way to Multi-Touch on a notebook Multi-Touch technology is part of practically every Apple product. It’s the best and most personal way to interact with your devices. And the optimal way to experience Multi-Touch on a notebook is through a trackpad. That’s precisely the case with MacBook Air. The trackpad’s spacious, all-glass surface doesn’t have a button because the whole thing is the button. And with Multi-Touch gestures in OS X, you can interact with MacBook Air in ways that feel more intuitive and realistic than ever before. Apple Macbook Air A battery that can get you through the day And the month If you looked inside MacBook Air, you’d see something remarkable: how much space we devoted to the battery. That’s thanks to smaller components such as flash storage. And when the goal is to design the perfect notebook for everyday use, giving priority to the battery just makes sense. With the 11-inch MacBook Air, you’ll get up to 9 hours of battery life while surfing the web or watching iTunes films. 2 Put MacBook Air to sleep for more than 3 hours, and it enters standby mode. That means you can come back to MacBook Air up to an entire month later and it wakes in an instant. Time is on your side, courtesy of MacBook Air. A thing of beauty And durability MacBook Air features a unibody design for both the main enclosure and the display. Unibody construction means a higher-precision, less complex design with fewer parts. That translates to a notebook that’s exceptionally thin and light, yet durable enough to handle the rigours of everyday use. In addition, MacBook Air offers innovations you won’t find anywhere else — like the MagSafe 2 power connector, which breaks cleanly away from the notebook if you accidentally trip over the power lead. True 1465384463
Green berry tea
Green berry tea INR 240 INR 240 Its a tee dispenser with a beautiful white bird. False 1472589023
Seat belt buckle Key hanger
Seat belt buckle Key hanger INR 0 INR 0 Interesting product idea True 1472588070
Vintage gift briefcase for liquor and a fist weapon.
Vintage gift briefcase for liquor and a fist weapon. INR 2300 INR 2043 This is a delight for war veterans. Vintage gift briefcase for liquor and a fist weapon. True 1472588295
Timex OMG Analog White Dial Unisex Watch - TWEG15410
Timex OMG Analog White Dial Unisex Watch - TWEG15410 INR 1200 INR 1200 Watch characteristics: Timex OMG watch boasts a smart craftsmanship that is exuded in its sophisticated dial and sturdy case. It makes an eye-catching impression, thanks to its trendy style and quality craftsmanship. Practical as well as fashionable, this Timex timepiece is sure to re-define your style statement. Flawless Build: An interchangeable nylon strap adds to its contemporary touch and gives a comfortable fit. The mineral glass window protects the watch face from scratches and abrasions. With a tough buckle clasp, this watch fits snugly on your wrist. In addition, it feels light on your wrist and has a silver-tone or matt black finish (depending on the piece you choose) that punctuates the subtle nuances of the watch. Ergonomic design: Gear up your everyday look with this Timex OMG Slip-Thru watch. It has a sporty striped strap that rightly complements any casual outfit. The nylon strap is highly durable and comfortable on your wrist; and the sturdy bezel ring makes a perfect contrast with the strap for a trendy look. Never care about accidental spills and splashes, as the Timex OMG watch is resistant down to 30 meters. Warranty: Available with Timex’s international warranty card, this watch lets you easily resolve any kind of issues related to the watch’s functioning or manufacturing defects. The warranty is valid for up to two years, so you can claim at any Timex Group outlet around the world. Style note and occasion: Whether it is partying time or casual weekend getaways with your family and friends, you can always count on this masterpiece that is sure to get the best style out of you. It helps you be the perfect ‘style-icon’ among your folks and you are sure to make head turns wherever you go. This Timex unisex watch combines the right blend of smart design and exclusive sporty look to drive you crazy for making this watch yours! This watch is crafted for those who seek to redefine their vogue with one of the world-class stylish watches. A perfect add on to your accessory collection, this OMG Slip-Thru watch is sure to meet your fashion thirst. Match it with your favorite western wardrobe and get that “casual-cool” look. You can even surprise your dear ones by gifting this stunning timepiece on their birthday or any occasion and enjoy the happy moments with them never like before! True 1465384353
Crystal Allies Gallery: Pair of Small Polished Agate Geode Halves Bookends w/ Authentic Crystal Allies Stone Card - 1lb to 3lb
Crystal Allies Gallery: Pair of Small Polished Agate Geode Halves Bookends w/ Authentic Crystal Allies Stone Card - 1lb to 3lb USD 17.99 USD 17.99 Quantity: 1 Matching Pair of 2 Weight: Approx. 1lb to 3lbs Per Pair Dimensions: Small (Approx. 4" x 3" Per Pair) Includes authentic Crystal Allies certified stone info card! Each and every specimen is unique and you will receive ones similar to the image shown. True 1497857370
Good Grips on the Go Lunch Container, Green
Good Grips on the Go Lunch Container, Green USD 15 USD 14 Product by OXO False 1472590039
Nikon Coolpix L340 20.2MP Point And Shoot Digital Camera with 28x Optical Zoom, 8GB Card and Camera Bag (Black)
Nikon Coolpix L340 20.2MP Point And Shoot Digital Camera with 28x Optical Zoom, 8GB Card and Camera Bag (Black) INR 22000 INR 21500 For over 80 years, Nikon’s exclusive lens brand has combined craftsmanship and innovation to push optical technology further than any other camera maker. The NIKKOR name represents uncompromising optical quality — for both professionals and hobbyists alike. Trusted by many of the world’s top photographers, NIKKOR optics render images with unmatched sharpness and definition. Quality and performance like this makes a visible difference, no matter which Nikon camera takes advantage of it. True 1465384847
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